A Few Words About J & M Security Solutions

J & M Security Solutions solves all your security needs and integrates them into one system.

Regardless of your agency and its function, there are bound to be security issues. J & M Security Solutions has your back, whether it’s identifying and installing cameras in strategic locations or simply integrating several security systems into one access control point. We work with an array of partners and equipment to make sure we have the solution to any of your security needs.

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J & M Security Solutions' Emergency Call Box and Camera

Our Goal

J & M Security Solutions was founded in 2011 with one goal—to create and install efficient security technologies for agencies to protect their cities and communities. To do this, we’ve partnered with some of the best in the industry to provide our clients with the most effective tools available. We’ve served multiple communities along the East Coast, and we plan to extend our reach as the need for security increases.

Our Values

J & M Security Solutions operates with three core values:

  1. Make safer communities
  2. Offer real value
  3. Provide high-quality customer service

These values are shared by each employee and are the foundation for the company we are and will become.

Meet the Executive Team

Jason Nagy
Jason Nagy
Michele Nagy
Michele Nagy
Vice President
James Nagy
James Nagy
Marketing Director

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