Wireless Data Solutions

Connect Your Infrastructures with Wireless Data Solutions

J & M Security Solutions has 20 years of combined experience in wireless technologies. Our staff of highly-trained network experts can design and build wireless data solutions that can support any data transport requirement, supporting up to 1.4 GB/s across the air. We can connect anything from individual devices to entire cities, giving you the ability transfer any data you need.

Wireless Data Solution
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These wireless radios connect your surveillance cameras via a mesh network to create a single, cohesive security platform. Monitor every part of your city at the same time!

Our wireless data solutions allow you to stream data all across your city in a quick and efficient manner. We’ve partnered with Rajant Corporation so you can connect devices throughout your entire city!

Integrating Your City

J & M Security Solutions has partnered with Rajant Corporation to offer Kinetic Mesh® networks that can provide cities, transportation systems, and other large systems with wireless connection and integrations. Rajant’s networks are highly adaptable and scalable so we can easily meet the needs of our clients. In addition to connecting your systems, we can integrate any of our security solutions with your existing network and infrastructures.

Wireless Data City Diagram

Image Courtesy of Rajant Corporation

Utilize Cellular Technology

J & M Security Solutions can also break beyond the boundaries of point-to-point wireless designs by using cellular connectivity. We are a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of Verizon Wireless’ machine-to-machine devices and services. By taking advantage of already-existing cellular service, we can truly provide you with coverage and connectivity where and when you need it most. Cameras, access control, SCADA, fleet vehicles, and mobile devices all benefit from the power and scalability of the Verizon Wireless network.

Increase Work Efficiencies

Gone are the days when an employee had to manually connect to a camera device to retrieve the footage. Our wireless data solutions can allow you to stream your devices’ data to a cloud-based server so you don’t have to waste precious resources. We work with your existing technology to seamlessly connect your data to your servers, so you don’t have to.