Mounted Surveillance Technology Appliance

The next evolution in pole camera technology


Camera surveillance devices have been in use for a very long time.  The first pole mounted camera surveillance device was installed in the early 2000’s.  Since then, there have been many renditions of these devices created and used by police departments worldwide.  J & M Security Solutions has evolved the traditional pole mounted camera device into a highly scalable, rapidly deployable, multi-sensor IoT solution we call the NOMAD.



The 360 NOMAD uses a Hanwha Security panoramic camera with onboard compute/storage and cellular/WiFi/GPS connectivity

The PTZ NOMAD model uses a Hanwha Security PTZ model of choice, onboard compute/storage and cellular/WiFi/GPS connectivity

Introducing the NOMAD Mobile Camera

The NOMAD Mounted Surveillance Technology Appliance is an all-in-one mobile security device that incorporates multiple sensor and software technology to include:

  1. Camera of choice – 360, PTZ, bullet, dome, multi-sensor
  2. Edge computing (Intel/Nvidia) and up to 4TB of storage
  3. Gunshot Detection Technology
  4. Wireless Device Tracking Technology
  5. License Plate Recognition
  6. Ground-based Radar
  7. Nuclear Detection
  8. Chemical Detection
  9. Facial Recognition
  10. Artificial Intelligence (analytics) and Machine Learning at the Edge


The NOMAD is open architecture and easily integrates into your existing city-wide or enterprise camera system.  The unit can be deployed in minutes with basic hand tools (attach to poles, signs, buildings, etc) and works with all the major cellular carriers world wide. 

And when you purchase from J&M, you have the strength and support of a team who are here to help you solve problems, keep our cities safe and create better communities for us all.