License Plate Recognition

What is LPR camera technology?

License Plate Recognition (LPR) is becoming a highly effective tool and force multiplier for law enforcement agencies. LPR camera systems capture and analyze hundreds of license plates in a short amount of time and can be used in multiple situations: narcotics trafficking, identity theft, auto theft, and more. These systems capture the following information:

  • The color of the vehicle
  • Infrared image of the license plate
  • The license plate read as interpreted by the system
  • Time/date stamp
  • GPS coordinates of the vehicle

Thanks to the flexibility of fixed, mobile, and our own NOMAD camera solutions, you have the ability to capture plate reads in virtually any environment.

LPR Camera
J & M Security Solutions LPR Camera Traffic Light

This is a close up of our LPR camera. This particular one is mounted to the top of a police vehicle, demonstrating its flexibility with placement.

License Plate Recognition cameras are commonly mounted near traffic lights. Depending on how busy an intersection is, the cameras can scan hundreds or thousands of plates each day.


Together with our partner, Vigilant Solutions, we offer the best-in-class LPR camera solutions for intelligence-led policing . Vigilant Solutions is the leader in providing interoperability and nationwide data sharing. This means registered agencies across the county can share and receive alerts for wanted vehicles that pass through your LPR camera system! The system compares license plate information against a “hot list” of plates associated with criminal activity which then sends an alarm to the closest patrol vehicle, including a photo of the suspect vehicle. With this type of system, officers can cover a greater area in a short amount of time, improving closure rates and increasing public safety.

Watch the video below to hear an officer’s explanation of License Plate Recognition in practice.