Wireless device tracking – kloudspot

Kloudspot can help you deliver the best end customer experience over WiFi.

Kloudspot Automation can enable companies to refocus their people on more strategic tasks.
Digital transformation is actually changing the process of strategic decision-making.

Meet your customers where they are. Interact with your customers over mobile, signage displays and kiosks as they journey on your network. Get real-time Kloudspot insight into the experience of WiFi users at each touchpoint. Dramatically increase the effectiveness and impact of your brand by offering your customers the right information and interactions. Analyze how they react to your product, brand, business or service.

So what’s in the Kloud?

Kloudspot provides enterprise grade reliability, scalability and extensibility for your WiFi network. Kloudspot platform can be integrated with your existing WiFi solution freeing you from costly hardware upgrades. KloudAware, the situation awareness layer helps you engage customers in meaningful ways, thus transforming your network from a cost center to a revenue generator.  Kloudspot for Policing provides additional services specifically for intelligence-led policing efforts and command and control centers.

Enterprise-grade Cloud Architecture

With Kloudspot you get a powerful service that leverages the latest in sensor, network, and software technologies that gathers, transmits, and creates actionable intelligence from the physical world. A variety of wireless technologies underpin deep indoor and outdoor use cases, enabling cost-effective solutions suitable for a wide range of applications.

Kloudspot is flexible and ready for however you want to use it. We offer a wide range of services, from connectivity as a service to full stack device and application solutions.

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