Security Solutions

J & M Security Solutions offers a range of unique products and services to protect your business or municipality. We have everything from our unique, all-in-one mobile cameras to a fully comprehensive citywide surveillance solution. Regardless of your needs, we can pull from a range of security solutions that will help you eliminate your pain points. For more information, click on any of the solutions below!

J & M Security Solutions' NOMAD Mobile Camera

This all-in-one mobile camera solution can be relocated and deployed in a matter of moments. It’s the next stage in mounted surveillance!

LPR Camera

Our license plate recognition technology can capture and analyze hundreds of license plates in a short amount of time for multiple situations.

EAGL Gunshot Detection Solution

Detect gunshots from active shooter situations and provide your law enforcement agency with real-time data to increase their response time!

J & M Security Solutions' Wireless Data Solutions

Our wireless infrastructures guarantee a high-quality data transfer whenever and wherever you need it most.

J & M Security Solutions' City-wide Surveillance

Using an integrated system, we can connect multiple sites throughout your city so you’ll have eyes when and where you need them most.

J & M Security Solutions' In-Car Camera System

Locate and secure real-time footage from your vehicle with our in-car camera system.

Access Control System S2 Security

Secure your property and monitor authorized traffic in and out of your buildings with our fully integrated access control systems.