Open Source Intelligence

Eyes Throughout the Web

When a threat against you or your organization is posted online, you’ll want to know about it. Even though there are billions of new Tweets, blog posts, forum contributions, and other types of content on the Internet each day, that doesn’t mean you can’t be in the know. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) platforms have the ability to search through all publicly available sources to show you any relevant data to your search. You can use this technology to identify and prevent potential dangers before they happen.

Relevant Data When You Need It

J & M Security Solutions has partnered with Hypersight Technology to bring you a cutting-edge OSINT platform: Navigator. Hypersight’s platform scrapes all major social media platforms and forums (including on the dark-web) and presents users and posts that are relevant to your query. They can also identify the context, time, and location of the content so that you only see results that matter. Their platform has the ability to show you real-time data so you can react immediately.