NOMAD Mobile Camera

The Next Stage in Mounted Surveillance Technology

Surveillance cameras have evolved over time. Initial cameras were limited to indoor spaces or wherever their wires could reach, but as wireless technology advanced, cameras were given an expanded outdoor range. Until recently, surveillance cameras could be placed anywhere with only one major limitation: they had to be in the sights of another camera in order to communicate. 

This limitation is why J & M Security Solutions created an all-in-one security system — the NOMAD mobile camera. This mobile camera can be placed virtually anywhere without worrying about line-of-sight, power, or storage.

J & M Security Solutions' NOMAD Mobile Camera
360° NOMAD Mobile Camera Longshot

This 360° NOMAD mobile camera is attached to the brick exterior of a building. Our wide range of brackets allows us to mount the NOMAD to any infrastructure. 

The all-inclusive NOMAD blends in with its environment. In fact, we can paint the exterior any color to best suit your security needs!

Introducing the NOMAD Mobile Camera

The NOMAD series is J & M Security Solutions’ adaptable and groundbreaking all-in-one camera solution. This product line allows agencies to monitor areas that are difficult or impossible to capture with a standard pole camera. This simple, yet all-inclusive camera solution has the following features:

  1. It is open platform
  2. It can connect to any WiFi or cellular network
  3. It can be moved and installed without technical experience
  4. It can be mounted to any infrastructure
  5. It can operate with an internal or external server
  6. It is compatible with any camera type


Sometimes agencies have unique security needs that are difficult or impossible to address with standard camera solutions. The NOMAD is an all-in-one security solution that was created to solve those problems by adapting to any situation or environment. Our NOMAD mobile camera solution is fully customizable and can be installed without any technical knowledge. Not only that, but it  eliminates the costs and hassles associated with standard pole cameras! 

That’s why at J & M Security Solutions, we describe the NOMAD in three words:

Mobile. Efficient. All-inclusive.