In-car Camera System

Monitor your Vehicles—Inside and Outside

Today’s society demands an accurate account of events, and since vehicles are frequently used by police departments and other agencies, it’s imperative that they are capable of recording audio and video. J & M Security Solutions’ in-car camera system allows them to do just that. We’ve partnered with industry-leading companies like Getac and Hanwha (Samsung) to provide high-quality vehicle surveillance solutions. Our systems record live video both inside and outside the vehicle, ensuring an expansive yet accurate video account.

Make Your Job Easier

J & M Security Solutions strives to make its clients’ work more efficient, and we can do just that with our in-car camera system. We offer military-grade mobile devices that capture crystal-clear audio and video. Thanks to our solution, you can also:

  • Protect officers and departments from false claims and fraud
  • Reinforce professional conduct and officer accountability
  • Corroborate stories and document sequence of events
  • Create indisputable and court-admissible evidence
  • Manage video and audio data with ease

Our in-car camera system solutions also come equipped with GPS and wireless capabilities to provide you with a wide range of tools to do your job more efficiently.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

In addition to automobiles, J & M Security Solutions has successfully deployed camera and location services on trains, buses, boats, and fleet vehicles. Our designs are open platform and can seamlessly integrate with your existing video management system technology.