Gunshot Detection

Respond to Emergencies Immediately

Everyone knows there are multiple active shooter situations each year in the United States, but check out these statistics:

  • The average active shooter event lasts 12.5 minutes
  • The average law enforcement response time is 18 minutes

This means that in most cases, the event is over before law enforcement even arrive. If the response time was drastically cut, lives could be saved!

That’s why J & M Security Solutions has partnered with EAGL Technology to provide cutting-edge gunshot detection solutions! 

The NOMAD and Gunshot Detection

The EAGL gunshot detection and lockdown system helps officers quickly respond to active shooter situations, but what if they need more information? By combining our NOMAD mobile camera with EAGL’s gunshot detection technology, we can provide a fully integrated system to give officers all the information they need to respond quickly and efficiently.

In addition to the location, gun caliber, and the number of shots, the NOMAD/EAGL combo will provide live streams of the affected area. In applicable situations, nearby cameras will be directed to pan to the area to offer multiple angles of the scene. All of this information allows officers to be as prepared as possible to handle the situation.