Citywide Surveillance

Keep Eyes on Your City

J & M Security Solutions’ citywide surveillance solution allows you to be aware of crimes and incidents without wasting valuable time and resources. In the past, it was impossible to monitor a city without using all of your manpower. But now, thanks to ever-evolving technology,  we can provide you with all of the tools you need to keep your city safe. We work with a variety of vendors to bring you some of the best cameras on the market. Because we have a large pool of manufacturers to pull from, we can exceed any difficult or challenging surveillance requirements.

J & M Security Solutions' Emergency Call Box and Camera
J & M Security Solutions' Citywide Surveillance

This is one of our citywide surveillance cameras integrated with an emergency callbox. Each camera is carefully selected to meet your goals and budget, so no two solutions are ever the same.

We place our surveillance cameras in strategic locations throughout your city to cover the most important areas in your city. Never let incidents happen under your nose again.

Alerts when you need them

Citywide surveillance is more than just setting up cameras in a few key locations. We can strategically deploy several sensors (such as gunshot detection, ground radar, and IR lights) throughout the city to keep you alert when incidents arise. This combination of cameras and sensors acts as a force multiplier and offers a greater situational awareness. 

Integrate with your existing Security solutions

Our solutions are open platform, so they can integrate with any other existing camera or sensor to create an all-in-one security management platform. This allows us to work in conjuction with your current solutions to increase efficiency and lower costs.