Access Control Systems

Most Efficient Access Control System Technology

J & M Security Solutions is proud to be partnered with 3xLogic, a leader in network-driven, web-based access control system solutions. Their company offers  more than the industry-standard access control technologies by offering an immersive product package that covers all of a client’s needs (learn more about their product here). Thanks to our partnership, we can also merge your 3xLogic access control system solution with  any of our other solutions to give you an all-inclusive experience to manage all of your security assets–both physical and digital. 

3xLogic Infinias

Secure Your Building with an Access Control System

Your agency’s building is like your second home, and just like your real home, you want to control who can enter. Thankfully, access control system technology gives you that piece of mind. Using a variety of sensors, such as badge readers and door-locking systems, you can rest assured that your assets and personnel are safe. 

Track Visitors

Sometimes visitors will need to enter your building, but that doesn’t mean they have to be a liability. Using an access control system, not only can you give guests limited access to certain areas, but you can monitor where and when they are at different parts of the building. Our bundled program also keeps a database of each visitor’s identity and contact information, so you’ll always be able to reach out to them in the event of an incident. Make sure everyone in your space is accounted for!